An Editorial Project About Runners.

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Runcicles is an editorial project focused on runners and their lifestyles.

It consists of different fascicles which include interviews, routes, running experiences and more. The contents are represented in different graphics resources, such as booklets, printed photography and posters. The name of the project is the result of blending the words 'run' and 'fascicles'.

The content of each fascicle is represented in different graphic materials and which main objective is to be able to make the reader enjoy a new visual and legible experience. The three parts of this project are: running as a subject, line as a graphic element, and fragmentation as a concept.

'Conversations' consists of an interview and a photographic report on four people who love running due to different reasons. It is a profound interview that help us to know and discover their motivations, at the same time that we learn about their human side.

The bond that is created among runners is unique and special, it promotes friendship and respect. Training is basic and fundamental to compete in races, and doing it in group is vital because it helps to outdo yourself, making efforts and improving every day.

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