Fox Products.
Maker of Fine Double Reed Instruments.

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Fox Products Corporation is an American Manufacturer of Bassons, Contrabassons, Oboes and English Horns.

Creating a contact page was one of the first objectives for this project. Fox Products wanted users to have the option to contact them via three different ways: an information contact form, an instrument registration form and a repair request form. We solved this issue designing a quick view modal page with a contact form combining the three tabs needed and making them easily accessible for the user.

A section was designed to show the steps through which the instruments are manufactured. The idea was to show them in a sequence from left to right using horizontal scroll.

The instrument catalog page is divided into four categories: bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. We designed a specific page that contains all the information related to every single instrument. We built a layout to help the user understand the value of the instrument. The user can zoom in to see the details of each item. There is also a brief description and a tab section showing features and keywords, among other things. We included a small section at the bottom of the page that shows similar instruments, with a horizontal scroll navigation.

Didot typeface was the first option to be used in this project, combined with a sans-serif font. However, after doing some research, we selected AW Conqueror Didot (serif) and Brandon Grotesque (sans-serif). Both fonts create a perfect combination that represents a classical, elegant and handcraft manufactured product that is now used in a modern and digital era.